Talent Asset Management Training and Development

Training and Developing Exceptional Talent Assets

Studies show that proactive training and development build competencies and morale, cut costs, and build revenue.

Attract top talent - Recruiting top talent becomes easier because top talent seeks to work with high performing teams. Keep teams engaged and productive with training and development programs.

Save time and money – Finding the right people for the right job becomes easier when everyone is on the same interviewing page. Interview for business and revenue growth.

Keep top talent – Building morale becomes easier when employees see that their organization is willing to make an investment in their career growth.  Retain top talent with training and development programs.

Annette Baron, PA, MBA. PHR deploys training and development programs that close the gaps between hiring and retaining employees, ultimately saving time and money and building revenue.  She is committed to inspiring and helping business owners, entrepreneurs and students-of-life succeed by teaching best practice asset talent management in a whole new way. She has the ability to turn subjects upside down, sideways and inside out to view them in ways most people don’t expect.

Her training and development style is dynamic, energetic, entertaining and insightful.  After her presentations, she remains engaged by offering tailored and targeted complimentary products and services such as job description review and re-do, one-to-one coaching, etc.

Key training and development topics include:

  • Solving problems by starting with insight
  • Behavioral interviewing – save time and money
  • Managing personalities – and succeeding
  • Business Etiquette – advancing careers
  • Dynamic Presentations – ensuring impact
  • Supervisors – get supervisors up and running early-on

Other topics available.  Custom training and development presentations available as well.

Call for a discussion.  201-880-4831

Annette Baron, PA, MBA, PHR is an experienced consultant, trainer and educator with a significant background in executive recruiting, business management consulting, higher education and training and development.  Click Here ».






















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