1) What exactly is training and development?
Training is a reactive and proactive learning experience that seeks to create a relatively permanent change in employees to improve job performance.  Training teaches new skills, expands knowledge, and changes/reinforces positive attitudes and/or behaviors.

Development is a proactive learning experience that seeks to focus on employee personal and professional growth which will ultimately make them a more valuable talent asset to the organization.

2) Why is having training and development so important?
In a word, reputation.  Statistics show that companies offering training and development opportunities position themselves as employers-of-choice and as such attract and retain the best possible employees.  Reputation drives success. A positive reputation is critical to attracting top talent in every category.  Attracting and keeping top talent saves time and money.

3) What is the single most important factor in building revenue through training and development activities?
Understanding and having insight into WHY the current situation is happening is the first step. What’s your talent asset management YES? What do you want to accomplish and why?

4) How can the process to building revenue through training and development be streamlined?
Focus on the process. Notice and articulate the issues. Relax and work with a training and development professional.

5) What is the single most important factor for human capital management success?
In simplest terms, alignment between company WHY, HOW and WHAT.

6) Where will all this work lead?
Depending on the situation, this hard work will lead to:

  • Having management skills that get and sustain effective and efficient employees
  • Having teams that work well together
  • Attracting, hiring and keeping the right people in the right jobs
  • Saving time and money through best practice talent asset management
  • Producing more revenue by closing more sales
  • Having results oriented practices with everyone on-board

Anything else?

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