Training and Developing Exceptional Talent Assets


Attracting, engaging and retaining talent is the name of the success game. Training and development helps companies do just that by enhancing competencies, morale, and productivity. 

Are your company’s current practices increasing engagement and revenue? It would help to understand drivers and roadblocks in your current practices.  And then determine where you can be more effective.

Save time and money.

Don’t let valuable employees walk out the door.  Hire for cultural fit and skills.  Create a learning environment where everyone benefits.  Engage, retain and grow revenue.

Customized training and development.

Annette Baron, PA, MBA links business leaders with revenue by closing the gaps between hiring and keeping employees.  She presents best practice talent asset management training and development tailored to clients’ needs.  She has the ability to turn issues upside down, sideways and inside out to view issues and solutions in ways most people don’t expect.

Her dynamic, energetic, entertaining and insightful training and development presentations have impact.  She stays engaged by offering follow-up, often complimentary, customized products and services.

Current training and development offerings include: 

  • Solve problems by starting with insight – Get insight into the problem, issue or goal without attaching emotion. Learn how to engage employees in the change process and manage resistant employees. This presentation and workshop creates space for enterprise-wide sustainable growth.
  • Behavioral Interviewing – save time and money – A wrong hire costs a company approximately 500% of the lost employees’ base salary. With this much at stake, it makes sense to get the right hire the first time.  Behavioral Based Interviewing increases the likelihood of getting the right hire 54% over unstructured interviewing.  This is an interactive presentation and workshop. 
  • Managing personalities – and succeeding – Take a ride through personality training to understand and leverage the power of managing by personalities.  Recognize and provide co-workers with what they need to work together effectively and efficiently. This is a highly interactive and fun workshop.
  • Business Etiquette – Playing by the rules that drive culture and reputation - Reputation matters.  Culture drives reputation. Measures for success help identify and develop employees for deeper engagement and promotion. This interactive multi-media presentation and workshop gets high praise from attendees.
  • Dynamic Presentations – ensuring impact - Presentations are an integral part of business and professional life.  This training and workshop will help employees make presentations of every kind. Employees will learn how to approach presenting with confidence. They will also gain the tools to design effective openings and closings, create a purposeful presentation structure, develop engaging visual aids, and leverage the art of storytelling to ensure BIG impact! This interactive presentation has some fun surprises.
  • Supervising - Get supervisors up and running effectively early-on by avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls.  Every supervisor should attend this training!

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Training and Developing Exceptional Talent Assets