The Training Edge closes gaps through training and development and impact driven follow-up – saving companies significant time and money!!

Do your talent management efforts result in increasing revenue over time?

Would it help to have an experienced business owner, consultant, trainer and educator by your side?

Our partnership process, which will be customized for your needs includes:

Phase 1: Insight –  Uncover the heart of the current situation and the blocks that stand in the way of effective and efficient hiring, retention and talent asset development processes.

Phase 2: Plan – Utilize the insights from Phase 1 to formulate a plan to create a training and development schedule; one training at a time or a series of training and development programs.

Phase 3: Implementation – Build revenue through targeted, entertaining and engaging training and development presentations and workshops.

Phase 4: Sustainability – Use accountability and responsibility to strengthen and sustain increased revenue flow.  Many follow-up services offered complimentary.

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